The StoryVerse™

What is a StoryVerse™?

Plainly told, a StoryVerse™ is awesome. StoryVerses™ create continual (at least weekly) episodic, narrative content from shared story worlds. Each StoryVerse™ contains multiple fiction series. In turn, each individual series has numerous episodes. Fiction Vortex has multiple StoryVerses™. So pick a verse or grab all of them and get your fiction fix for life.


Episodic Story Arcs

Serial Fiction

Weekly Episodes

More StoryVerses™, and individual series, are in varying stages of development. And we want more! Let us know, yell at us, throw paper-wrapped bricks at us. Tell us what you like and what we are missing. Contact us! Want to write in or create a StoryVerse™? Click Here for how!

Check out the diagram below for a more visual idea of the internal workings of a StoryVerse™.