By sixteen, everyone must choose.

For the telekinetic youth of New Teotihuacan's Worker City there are two choices: an enslaved life or a free death. By sixteen, everyone must choose.

Calli Bluehair's only hope of escaping a violent death in the self-indulgent underground of Worker City is the government-run Masa Academy. Choosing to ignore the rumors that the Academy is an option worse than death, Calli determines to claw her way onto the registry and take her brother, Olin, with her.

When, only days before registration, Olin is thrown into a state of telekinetic shock capable of detonating half of Worker City, Calli is forced to seek help from an infamous crime lord or risk losing her future and her only remaining family. It turns out that many have intentions for the uniquely gifted siblings and survival may no longer be enough.

Brown's page-turning, dystopian adventure revolves around a heroine who must maintain her humanity in the midst of monstrous decisions. His vivid rendering of telekinesis births a complex, mysterious, and provocative world that reveals itself to the reader in a kaleidoscope of detail the longer one chooses to stare through his fractured lens. The Green Ones series is a mix of The Hunger Games, Ready Player One, and Ender’s Game.

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