Best of 2013 – Triple’s Blog

To be honest, when we first saw the title of Triple’s Blog, by Todd Outcalt, we blanched. We didn’t want stories about blogs, but we gave it a chance, and we’re sure glad we did. There’s something about a post-apocalyptic story focusing on the power of words that made us fall in love. It’s not trying to be a cautionary tale about the evils of texting and Youtube comments, although you could read it that way. Instead, it’s a love letter to language, to the way it makes us move and feel.

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Triple’s Blog

By Todd Outcalt

After posting the latest installment on his blog, Gary Triple rose from his desk chair, yawned as he stretched his twenty-nine year old frame, and then padded into the company kitchen for a beer. The lights were dim — per company policy — so that employees would have difficulty ascertaining the time. Clocks and other time-devices were forbidden, but most people had learned to tell time by the sun and moon. A half-mile below ground, Triple proceeded to the office periscope and peered up into the sleepy city as he whispered to himself, “Midnight, give or take fifteen minutes.”

He’d been blogging for five consecutive days, without sleep, getting by on coffee and pretzels. His eyes were sand. His fingertips numb. Still, it was what he was paid to do, though he’d never met his employers and had never actually talked to anyone in the firm. His instructions came in hourly installments through other blogs, with facts and figures that were meant to provoke him to write a blog directed against the latest political decision. Someone out there in Washington D.C. fed him the information and he jumped on it. He posted his thoughts, and others read what he had to say.

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