Art by David Revoy/ Blender Foundation

And Now, Mr. Serling

By Timothy Mudie

On a Friday afternoon in Hollywood, California, on a soundstage belonging to CBS studios, a short, wiry man stands behind a desk. His right hand leans on top of it, and in his left hand is a cigarette. He rarely smokes it, preferring to let the smoke spiral around his head as he recites his lines for a filming camera. Behind the camera he sees another set on the soundstage, that of a hospital room. Production assistants bustle like ants, taking down one part of the set and putting up the other. He does not let this distract him and records his speech in just one take. His voice is a pleasant baritone; people have compared it to both velvet and silk. The man is named Rod Serling, and he is filming the tease for the next episode of his television show, The Twilight Zone.

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