February 2015 cover art

Under a Blood-Red Sky

By Edward Ashton

The sail hangs limp, and the boat rocks gently from side to side as I try to get my fishhook shoved through a nightcrawler. The sun is high and hot in a clear blue sky, reflecting in sharp bright speckles off the lake. The worm is writhing, slipping through my fingers as I try to thread him onto the hook, and I’m just about ready to give up when a soft voice speaks in my ear.

“Sorry to interrupt, Jim. You’ve got clients.”

I squint up at the hills looming over the far shore. Asif is standing there, a tiny brown figure at the edge of the trees.

“Seriously?” I say. “Already? Didn’t we just do this?”

Asif walks toward me, down to the shore and out across the water. Space compresses in front of him and stretches out behind, so that in a half-dozen steps he stands on the surface of the lake beside me, bobbing gently with the swells. I roll my eyes and go back to my hook.

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Art by David Revoy/ Blender Foundation

Time to Sell

By J. Rohr

“In a vial, ladies and gentlemen, I give it to you in a vial. Your own personal dose to do with as you please. Five minutes out of the day. Step right up and pay for the one thing you never thought you could buy back: Time!”
Dad said to take note of everything. “Especially your Uncle E. Nota bene. Never mind the man; he’s got faults like any of us, but he knows the business.” So, it’s best to keep my mouth shut and just listen to Uncle E.

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