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Yet Another Invader

By Sean Monaghan

Night came quickly out this way. Always did.

It felt like the sun blasted the desert clean all day, as if some spectacular furnace was set on high and aimed right at this one spot before dropping off the side of the world.

I’d been here sixteen years now, at altitude, watching the sun pass overhead each day. When I arrived they called me Mr. Harding, but now I’m just Fex. I guess I can fix your stuff up better than most. Take a look at whatever’s ailing and tweak here and there and you’re good to go. Tractors, well-pumps, shoes, bearings, metal detectors, phones, watches, flashlights, kids’ toys, medical equipment, televisions, refrigerators. Practically anything that can break down, I can get going again. Kind of a useful skill three hundred miles from anywhere.

Until tonight.

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Best of 2013 – Memory Book

We immediately liked Memory Book, by Sean Monaghan, because it was a good dieselpunk adventure that felt fresh and interesting, but the high stakes weren’t just physical. It was the emotional one that really stood out to us.

Even though there’s adventure and action, Memory Book is really a story about loss and regret. Read more

Art by David Revoy/ Blender Foundation

Memory Book

By Sean Monaghan

Candace watched the big plane arc around the outside of the bay. Up on Rothan Promontory, the highest point overlooking the village, the breeze carried to her the heady sweet smell of pollen from the ocean of flowers that covered the hill between the rocky crest and the sand of the beach below. Spring had come in warm and bountiful; the flowers were blooming and the orchards, if the weather kept up like this, were going to bear a vast crop of fruit.

The seaplane leveled off, aiming almost right for her as it dipped towards the calm waters. Candace could see Jake’s boat heading in around the breakwater. He would have seen the plane coming in and wondered why they were getting a visit.

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