February 2015 cover art

The Moira Sisters’ Inn

By Roshani Chokshi

Age 10

The puppy curled in Casper’s lap like a doughnut. He watched its silken tummy rise and fall, blissfully oblivious to the rain pelting the family minivan like shrapnel.

“We can’t make it to the lake in one day,” Mom muttered.

Dad sighed, “I think you’re right.”

“Tell me something new,” Mom laughed. “I’ll try and pull up a place for the night.”

Dad left the highway behind. The rain was still ruthless, but at least Casper could see something other than evil red truck lights. Outside he saw rows of rain-blurred magnolia trees and bright daffodils on square lawns. They drove through cobbled town squares and dim restaurants until they got to a flat stretch of road with no lights.

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