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The Lodeon Situation

By Robert Bagnall

Gail Burden stared out of her window at the traffic kicking up the puddles in the Greys Inn Road, then back to the files on her desk.

A red light blinked on her voicemail. It had been blinking for some days now.

The issue was a trivial one. Burden had been Director of Central Services for the Corporation for three years, and she did her utmost to avoid trivia. When Shelley, the internal consultant, started to explain the background to what had now become known as the “Lodeon Situation” she felt the hot pressure of a migraine coming on. It took a moment to grasp why she was being involved in a matter of detail, a petty issue of a couple of hundred Euros a year at most. But she also fully understood dangers of precedent, of policy decisions coming back to bite you when you least expect it.

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