Best of 2014 – We Are Judged by Our Plumage

It’s time to honor another great story that was a serious contender for Editor’s Choice but didn’t quite make it. Even though it lost out by a slim margin, it’s still an easy pick for our Best of 2014 list. How could we not love a story where an ostrich follows a guy around his entire life?

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We Are Judged by Our Plumage

By Rhoads Brazos

Andrew didn’t trust the bank teller. He fidgeted at the counter and tried not to stare. Her delicate profile and warm smile meant nothing with that Magpie on her shoulder.

Latin name: Pica pica. Characteristics: thievery, omnivore, faux bird of prey.

The teller looked shifty. It surprised Andrew that the bank had even hired her. On the way out, he carefully counted his money.

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