Reader’s Choice Poll – July 2014

Your turn is here; your time has come; your future is now. That’s just a fancy way of saying that the Reader’s Choice Poll is now open for your votes. You can tell us what your favorite story was from July 2014, so you should probably do that. Go forth and click!

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Winner of the June 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll

You want to know who won the Reader’s Choice Poll for June 2014? We’ve got what you want. And all we ask in return is your undying gratitude. And your firstborn dragon. And ice cream. Definitely ice cream. So as soon as you can provide that we’ll let you know who won.

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Reader’s Choice Poll – June 2014

Get out your voting wands and sprinkle on a fresh coat of pixie-crafted choosing dust. It’s time to pick your favorite story from June 2014. As you may recall, you, the reader, are entitled to voice your opinion in the form of clicking a button associated with the story of your choice. How democratic!

The eligible stories are listed below, and voting will remain open for a week. Now flourish those wands, then put down those wands and use your mouse to position the cursor next to your favorite story and click away.

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Winner of the Reader’s Choice Poll – May 2014

Though June is nearly gone, we can’t let ourselves forget the epic battle for the best May story. We’ve got the results of the Reader’s Choice Poll for May 2014, and it’s a particularly exciting one because it was one of the closest finishes we’ve had in a long time.

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Reader’s Choice Poll – May 2014

Sit right down and get your voting finger ready. The Reader’s Choice Poll for May 2014 may be running a little late, but it’s no less clickable. It’s your turn to decide which was the best story from our May 2014 issue, and frankly you’re the only one we can trust. Yeah, you. And you. Oh, and you. Yes, mom, you too.

The competition for May is listed below. Do your homework, vote according to the dictates of your literary conscience, and then share the poll with anyone else who appreciates good science fiction and fantasy short stories. In fact, tack one more item on the end of that to-do list: Pat yourself on the back, you magnificent reader, you.

Here are the eligible stories:

The Holy Bones, by David Kavanaugh

A Helpful Stranger, by David Malone

And Now, Mr. Serling, by Timothy Mudie

Semiosis, by Evan Dicken

And here is the poll:

The poll will stay open through June 19, after which we’ll announce the winner.

Winner of the Reader’s Choice Poll – April 2014

The results are in, and your will has been made known. Well, the will of sixty-two percent of you, which is good enough to declare a winner for the April 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll. So slap the table frantically in your best imitation of a drumroll, being careful to maintain a proper volume so as not to disturb nearby coworkers, sleeping babies, or prowling lions (as your circumstances dictate).

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Reader’s Choice Poll – April 2014

April showers bring May flowers in the same way that April stories bring May reader polls. And since we’re not one to mess with Mother Nature, we’d better make sure the Reader’s Choice Poll for April 2014 goes up. It’s your turn to pick your favorite story from last month. So come check out the poll, and you can bring flowers if you so choose.

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Reader’s Choice Poll – March 2014

The month of March came in like a lion and left like a lion with +3 strength and Armor of the Blizzard King. But that won’t stop the spring from coming or the Reader’s Choice Poll from rolling forth to be voted upon with the Staff of Choosing. So take your turn holding the big cerulean stick and pick your favorite story from March 2014.

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Winner of the February 2014 Reader’s Choice Award

As we all wait for the end of winter and dream of hiring Jack Frost to chill a fruity drink for us on a sunny beach, we can take solace in the knowledge that the February Reader’s Choice poll is done. It won’t make summer come any faster, but at least the suspense is over.

The story you chose as the best of February 2014 is…

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