Fiction Vortex - November 2014, art by Sergio Suarez

Tiny Lights

By Meredith Morgenstern

When Park Slope pediatrician Dr. Miller died, it wasn’t only the neighborhood paper that covered it, and not just the borough-wide Brooklyn news that remarked on his passing. Tilly Mendelssohn noticed the New York Times itself carried a lengthy, multi-column obituary full of many photos and anecdotes.

As a baby, Tilly was thought to have colic until her parents took her to see Dr. Miller, who informed them the infant simply didn’t like the color of her room. Parents often referred to Dr. Miller as the Child Whisperer, or the Baby Genius, or sometimes the Miracle Man. But to Dr. Miller’s little patients he was simply known as The Good Doc, and for seventeen-year old Tilly he was the inspiration for her to study hard and apply to Columbia University’s pre-med program.

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