Best of 2013 – Pollinger’s Notebook

To say that Pollinger’s Notebook was a pleasant surprise would be an understatement in the extreme. We had just opened up to submissions for the first time, and we thought it might take a while to get some good material. But the very next day, there was Pollinger’s Notebook, by Mark Burgh, sitting in our inbox, looking all innocent and unassuming. As soon as we opened that email, it blew us away.

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Pollinger’s Notebook: Years 4.3 – 6.4

By Mark Burgh


Private Encoded RNA Marks AA – EG Required Year 4.3

It’s about Hermione. All of this is about Hermione. Today, after the Lab Director leaves, a smile of incomprehension painting his face, Hermione peeks her nose over the core unit. “He’s your new boss?” she says.

“What are you doing out of your environment?”

Hermione’s expressions seldom change; she’s difficult to read. “I got bored. Do you want to live in cedar shavings?”

I roll back in my chair. “I wanted on the Mars project. But here I sit.”

“Mars, Mars, Mars,” Hermione says. “Did you get the gorgonzola?”

“Go easy, it’s strong.”

Hermione shifts, cleans her paws. She looks at me. “Watch that guy,” she says. “He won’t like me.”
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