Best of 2013 – Blood or Black Tears

Novelty is always welcome, so we were particularly excited to see Blood or Black Tears, by Jennifer Loring, appear in our submissions pile. Even though horror stories have covered just about every kind of monster, malevolent being, and creepy crawly, it’s still fairly rare to see a story about the South American legend of La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman. But that’s not all there is to like about this tale.

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Art by David Revoy/ Blender Foundation

Blood or Black Tears

By Jennifer Loring

“Why won’t you talk to me, Marcela? Don’t you like me anymore?” Soledad said.

“Nothin’ to say you don’t already know.”

A large, red egg of flesh had swelled over Marcela’s left eyebrow. Probably her mother’s work. Soledad had visited Marcela in half a dozen shelters all over the city, and every time there was a fresh injury somewhere on her little body. The girl crossed her arms over her chest, her knees pulled up as far as she could manage. A defensive, protective pose. The children trusted no one but each other, and even that trust had an expiration date once they exhibited symptoms of adolescence. Most didn’t expect to live that long when so many things could go wrong for them on the street.

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