Best of 2013 – The Weather Forecast

There’s nothing new about an apocalyptic end-of-the-world story. And we’ve seen protagonists who can see the future before. But when Jackie Bee combined the two in The Weather Forecast, we found something new and wonderful. The story, I mean, not the end-of-the-world part. We’re not advocating for the apocalypse, just great stories about it.

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Art by David Revoy/ Blender Foundation

The Weather Forecast

By Jackie Bee

2020 (June 10, 20:57)

There’s a large green carpet on the floor of the make-up room. It’s so soft and fluffy I can imagine myself lying on grass, the yellow lamp over my head serving as the midday sun. Rational and self-respecting adults shouldn’t be lying on the floor like this, and if anybody comes in and sees me … but I know that nobody is going to come in. Not yet. It’s just that the carpet looked so inviting. Bury myself in the soft pile and fall asleep…

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