March 2015 ebook cover

Corruption Harmonic

By Marie Michaels


I am all alone.


Like any human’s, my early memories are not clear. Like any human, time passed while my mental faculties were still developing, adapting my essential programming to my environment. Unlike any human, however, the process of acquisition and organization of the information that constructed my reality took about a month. At twenty-nine days, twelve hours and three minutes, I deemed myself adapted.

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Fiction Vortex Needs Your Support

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Today we set aside the fantastic and the speculative to talk about some pressing matters in that pesky realm of reality. We know, we know, you come to Fiction Vortex specifically to escape said reality, and we promise that won’t change. However, it’s time to talk about the future of Fiction Vortex, and what you can do to make sure there is one.

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