Best of 2013 – Losses Beyond the Kill Point

It’s hard to pull off a good reveal without making the story cheesy, which is why Losses Beyond the Kill Point, by Marilyn K. Martin, was so impressive. Also, it packs such an emotional punch that we could almost cry. I mean, not that we cried. Anyone who ever says that a story has made us cry is a blatant liar. Because we never cry. But if there was a story that would make us cry, this might be it.

But of course we didn’t.


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Get Ready for the Best Stories of 2013

We just can’t get enough of you guys. We’re like that crazy aunt who’s inexplicably but genuinely interested in hearing all about your life and your accomplishments. So in the spirit of overbearing-but-totally-not-creepy love for good fiction, we’re revisiting the best stories of 2013.

Which means there are more contests and prizes to award!

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Winners of the December 2013 Fiction Contest

The elf union won’t allow us to give them them work for at least 30 days following Christmas, so now we’ve got to deliver the results of the December 2013 Fiction Contest by ourselves. I hope you appreciate what an inconvenience this is for me. I mean, the blisters are unbearable. Anyway, don’t mind me, just take a look at the winning stories while I catch my breath.

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Winners of the November 2013 Fiction Contest

Hopefully you’ve worked through your turkey hangover by now, because we need you coherent for this announcement. We’ve decided the winners of the November issue, and we wouldn’t want meat sweats to ruin your elation or displeasure (depending) with the results.

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Winners of the October 2013 Fiction Contest

The fiction contest is particularly special this month because we finally finished paying off our debt to the golem mob (if I never see another serrated rock knife stuck in my back, it will be too soon) so the contest results are no longer rigged! Huzzah! Oh, and there was also the thing about this being a special horror-only issue with a guest judge, Michael R. Collings, who is a Stoker-nominated horror writer himself.

Whichever excites you most.

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Winners of the September 2013 Fiction Contest

What’s that in the sky, leaping over plot points with a single bound? Is it a flock of fairies? Is it a confusion of UFOs? No! It’s the winners of our September 2013 Fiction Contest. You may recognize their mild-mannered alter egos that appeared on our site last month.

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