Winner of the December 2014 Editor’s Choice Award

The holidays are nearly over, and we’re wrapping up the second year of Fiction Vortex. We hope both have been good for you. There are a couple things left to do before we start popping those little weird fake champagne popper thingies and kick off the new year. For instance, we need to announce the last Editor’s Choice winner of 2014.

We are exceptionally proud of the slate of stories this month. It was a fantastic way to end the year, and picking the best this month was harder than getting a troll to smile. We finally reached a consensus, and the winner is…

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Winner of the November 2014 Editor’s Choice Award

It was an interesting month, with some unsetting stories. But we’ve settled on the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award for November 2014. You’ll be wanting to know who that is, right?

Wait no longer; the winner is:

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Winner of the August 2014 Editor’s Choice Award

What a month August was! I mean, August is always a month. But it was also a great month for stories on Fiction Vortex. Thus it is with hearts full of sorrow and excitement that we announce the winner of the August 2014 Editor’s Choice Award. Sorrow because all the stories were fantastic in their own way, making it so hard to choose just one, and excitement because, well, it’s always exciting to announce a winner.

Cue the drum roll…

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Editor’s Choice Award Winner – July 2014

You’ve come prepared, I see. You brought your isometric choice inducer, a few anti-indecision spells, and a few buffs for improving quality perception, all in an effort to get us to choose our favorite story from Fiction Vortex’s July issue. Well it won’t work, I tell you.

Because we’ve already made up our minds.

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Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award – June 2014

You realize that the year is half over, right? All that relief you felt when the holiday season was over, at this point we’re now getting closer to that again rather than farther away. The summer will be over before you know it, the ice golems will emerge from their hibernation caves, and we’ll all be miserable again.

But in the meantime, cheer up grumpy gus! We’ve got the winner of the June 2014 Editor’s Choice award!

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Editor’s Choice Award Winner – April 2014

The weather is getting hotter, and so is the fiction. Not for long, though. Our story warming chamber is on the fritz, so you’ll have to make do with regular room-temperature stories. Or is it internet-temperature? Does the internet have a temperature? Wait, we’re getting off track. Bottom line, the temperature doesn’t matter because you’re not physically consuming the story, and the narrative quality is still top-notch.

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Editor’s Choice Award Winner – March 2014

We’re a little late with the announcement of the Editor’s Choice award because we wanted to wait until after the whole April Fool’s Day business. We already throw around enough bad jokes and misdirection that we saw no reason to add another level to the confusion. Also, we had a dragon on loan, and it got out of the holding pen. So we spent the whole day running around with nets and then trying to release each other from the nets.

You know, a pretty standard Tuesday at Fiction Vortex.

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Editor’s Choice Award Winner – February 2014

We’re still reeling from all the fun we had with the Best of 2013 poll, and the food poisoning. That’s what you get for eating week-old dragon sushi to celebrate the winner. Fortunately, it’s already time for another winner, and we’re much clearer on what not to do this time. Behold, the winner of the Editor’s Choice award for the February 2014 issue is…

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Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award – Best of 2013

We’ve spent a whole month revisiting the best stories from 2013, and we’ve revealed the winner of the Reader’s Choice Poll. Now it’s our turn to weigh in. Behold the results of the Editor’s Choice Award for the Best Story of 2013.

Gah, I can’t do it. It’s too hard. We’re immobilized with anxiety. There are too many good stories to choose from!

Okay, deep breath, pull it together. It has to be done. Here we go.

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