Kharn Pilot: Mercenary by Clayton Snyder


by Clayton Snyder

“The gods are dead, Trapper. Ain’t naught left but devils with the faces of men.”

Bharga stirred the embers of the fire with a long stick, the end charred and chipped to a point. Sparks swirled up into the night, and Trapper followed their ascent, burning fireflies spiraling in the dark. He watched them mix with the stars and wondered if it were true. If the corpses of immortals littered the heavens.

Bharga poked him with the stick, the heat of the tip pulling Trapper from his thoughts.

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Art by David Revoy/ Blender Foundation

Cthulhu Misspelled

By Clayton Snyder

Everything was almost in place. Harold had read the book cover to cover, though some of it seemed unnecessary. Passages and passages on precautions, sigils and signs, secret names, and the proper way to flay a non-believer. There were diagrams and illustrations, and in one instance, an esoteric mathematical formula that was supposed to guarantee immortality, though to Harold, it looked suspiciously like a quadratic equation as applied to the alphabet.

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