Best of 2014 – Black Friday

Our only regret in publishing today’s Best of 2014 story is that we didn’t wait until November to post it. Of course, when you’ve got a great story burning a hole in the slush pile, it’s much too hard to wait. So, back in July we published a story about the weirdest Black Friday sale anyone has ever seen.

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Black Friday

By Caren Gussoff

Tillie Montgomery couldn’t hold it any longer.

She pulled her mother by the arm, like when she was an impatient kid, toward the closest exit, between the hot pretzel counter and the beauty supplies.

Her mother tugged back.

“Please, mom,” Tillie said. “Quickly.”

The voice of the all-pink Elvis vendor seemed to follow them from the atrium the whole way to the exit, alternating between “Hunka Burning Love” and the exclusive features of the microphone, available that day for a special Wednesday price — even though everyone everywhere knew retailers started the serious sales two days later, on Black Friday.

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