Reader’s Choice Poll – November 2014

We’re a little wary about the Reader’s Choice Poll this month, given how frustrating it was last month. But we believe in the fundamental goodness of humans and orcs alike, so we’re willing to give you all a second chance. Come forth and vote for your favorite story from November, but knock it off with the fraudulent votes this time.

We’ve made a couple changes to the poll, so it should be harder to spoof the system this time around, but in case some people forgot, the rule is one vote per person. You know, the cardinal rule for just about any vote you’ve ever heard of…

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Winner of the November 2014 Editor’s Choice Award

It was an interesting month, with some unsetting stories. But we’ve settled on the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award for November 2014. You’ll be wanting to know who that is, right?

Wait no longer; the winner is:

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