Haunted Heirlooms: Resurrecting the Past with Cherished Items

By Gail Z. Martin

Anything you keep for sentimental reasons has a hint of haunt to it.

The word “memento,” one we often use to mean sentimental knick-knack, actually means “remember death,” and described the Victorian penchant of making jewelry to memorialize their dead. While we no longer make death jewelry, the items that we keep for sentimental reasons are more similar than not to those old Victorian lockets — a memorial to memories and emotions that we don’t want to forget.

Deadly Curiosities, my new urban fantasy novel from Solaris Books, is centered on a 350 year-old antique and curio shop that exists to get dangerous magical items off the market and out of the wrong hands. The proprietor, Cassidy Kincaide, is a psychometric, someone who can read objects by touch and sense strong magic and memories.

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