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Space Age

Your rocketship is your gateway to adventure. Your ray gun, your wits, and your trusty sidekick are all you need. Upon every planet, asteroid, and space station a new treasure awaits, a new monster lurks, and a new mission calls. You’re a spacer now, and the galaxy is your home.

RIFT League

In the year 2029, the Ocular RIFT tech company transforms sports with a virtual-reality gaming system so real it promises a bright, new future for football, hockey, auto-racing, and more. RIFT leagues spring up almost overnight and spread into every popular sport.

A more vivid spectacle for fans, a safer profession for players, and more money for owners leaves few people questioning the lack of clinical research and absence of human trials. Others do whatever it takes to hide the negative side-effects that players experience. As the new RIFT technology unleashes corruption across the sporting world, a small team of unlikely heroes risks everything to save the games they love.

This story world is steeped in intrigue, science fiction and conspiracy. Authors excited about cyberpunk, thriller and sports thriller genres should apply. There is plenty of room for hard science (ANNs, smart tattoos, holographics, wetware/biohacking, etc.) as well as more adventure/action based romps. While serials can be focused on adults, they should all be appropriate for young adults since there will be younger readers within this serial box as well as adults.

Of Metal and Magic

Dragons Vs. Unicorns! This forgotten and yet epic rivalry is being brought back to life in this storyverse where humans are the ancestors of elves and dwarves and all sorts of fantastical and mythological beasts. The first central protagonist is a young man who works as a smith, but lacks the magical ability to sing metals into form as we works them with fire and hammer. This storyworld welcomes authors excited to explore fantastical roots of modern day legends and myth. There is plenty of room to develop the beasts that have already been envisioned or to come up with beasts of your own. Epic Fantasy, folklore and magic rule this world. Write during the history before elves and dwarves emerged. Write during the time of the dragons and unicorns. Or write during the age of human mutation just before the final epic showdown that allows elves and dwarves to rise to power while the remaining humans are put on the back burner. Read the pilot episode of Soria (coming soon).

Wizards in Space!

Set wands to stun!

A sci-fi/fantasy mash-up, in which space-faring wizards take to the stars, Barbarians clash with futuristic cultures, and dark creatures plot revenge against dental school admissions boards.

Past, present, and future collide in Wizards in Space, a satirical mash-up of sci-fi and fantasy tropes. WiS tales are filled with humor, adventure, and imagination, as space-faring wizards navigate the galaxy, politics, and their own messy lives amidst the medieval trappings of their enchanted starships. It’s a universe that is both surreal and instantly recognizable, where wonders and conveniences are powered not by technology, but by magic.

In the pilot story, Bildenploy’s Gambit, the heroic archmage of a starship faces down a foe from his past, who wields a secret and unpredictable form of magic.  But our hero has a secret of his own.

Gears, Gunpowder, and Souls

Welcome to the imperialistic word where the race to control magic and steam technology is raging. Henry the VIII has unlocked secrets to unrivaled power and seeks to control mankind. Those who fight or don’t fit into his plans end up as his fuel.

New emerging steam technology could undo everything.

Inventors hold the key to change, but by their hands the unbreakable chains of tyranny might be forged.

History will be taught by the victor, but the future will be written by the brave.


The world gears up for the Great War. Wicked and power-hungry individuals fan the flames of greed and hatred. Out of dark times, hope shines brightest in the young souls who believe that good will triumph over evil and magic has a place in the modern world.

As one century crashes into another, revolution spans all of North and Central America. Amidst the chaos, youth from all walks of life emerge as the heroes of tomorrow.

Chaos Gate

The gods have been ignored for too long, trapped within the divine realms as a result of their own choices and a spell older than modern civilization. They aim to fix that. Can the earth handle their presence? Can the magical community unify long enough to protect their home and the humans while keeping their powers a secret? Or will the humans finally become privy to the reality that isn’t so far removed from myth as some would hope?

Chaos Gate is a vast StoryVerse full of magic, gods, monsters and heroes, and humans that remain oblivious to all of it. Feel free to retell your favorite myth, reimagine ancient gods interacting in our modern world, or dive into the life of a fairy, magic user, or shape-shifter. The possibilities are endless… as long as you don’t break the world…


The gods are dead, the corpses of immortals litter the heavens, and demons have risen. An army of the dead gathers at the gates of the last city. A demon named Render and his mercenary companion lead them, and a trickster god works from the shadows in a silent war to lord over all. Still, there are those who fight. In the last city in a dying world, there is hope. It has to be enough.

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