Schism 8 | Telekinetic Thriller, Pulp, Dystopian-Multiverse

Duplicity is life. Multiplicity is power.

Creation mythology has preserved the two basic building blocks of life as “The Tree of Life” and the “Knowledge of Good and Evil.” A select few have come to understand these ancient forces according to their modern scientific labels: the Lost Gene and the Twitch Retrovirus. One enables immortality. The other unlocks the human mind.

For thousands of years, these two foundational elements have been kept isolated…with the exception of an event known as the Great Schism. Since the Schism, eight parallel universes have clashed on a path toward cataclysm or restoration. Only those who envision the Schism can control whose image the universe reflects.

From secret histories to alternate futures, paranoid thriller to pulp western and dystopian fantasy, Schism 8 pieces together a vast reality that eventually pits its central characters against each other as they each attempt to assert their personal views of reality as the correct ones.