Duplicity is life. Multiplicity is power.

Creation mythology has preserved the two basic building blocks of life as “The Tree of Life” and the “Knowledge of Good and Evil.” A select few have come to understand these ancient forces according to their modern scientific labels: the Lost Gene and the Twitch Retrovirus. One enables immortality. The other unlocks the human mind.

For thousands of years, these two foundational elements have been kept isolated…with the exception of an event known as the Great Schism. Since the Schism, eight parallel universes have clashed on a path toward cataclysm or restoration. Only those who envision the Schism can control whose image the universe reflects.

From secret histories to alternate futures, paranoid thriller to pulp western and dystopian fantasy, Schism 8 pieces together a vast reality that eventually pits its central characters against each other as they each attempt to assert their personal views of reality as the correct ones.

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Schism 8 Serial Box
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by Isaiah M. Moses on Schism 8 Serial Box
Enticing Collection

Contain in the box above is some serious reading. While I must admit, the episodes were originally produced to be read separate, even together as a bundle of awesomeness they are still amazing. I've personally have read and come to love each story made by David Mark Brown. I've seen the level of commitment he places on his works. David takes being a author of too many genres for me to remember(seriously I've lost track in the 4 years I've been a fan) with a level of dedication rarely seen in any profession. He's the little author that could write, and boy does he write.

Yet that's all besides the point. My opinion is simple. David loves what he does. You can see it in his work. Regardless of the marketing result he continues to put pen to paper. Punch words on the keyboard. Combining such a relentless work ethic and passionately written stories, and I was forever sold to be a fan. So I end with this: one become a fan of his works, two read his work several times, and lastly give him feedback. In the 4 years I've know/worked with him, I've never seen him turn down feedback.

That is all.

by David Mark Brown on Schism 8 Serial Box
Dust Devils of Delightful Weirdness

To be fair, I'm the author of some of this stuff. So I ain't exactly unbiased. Still, Schism 8 has been a labor of love for several years so far. Fragmented reality dosed out in small pieces. While I wrote these stories to be enjoyable by themselves, the whole is like waking up to find a 10,000 piece puzzle has been scattered all over your house. Good luck!

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