Fiction Vortex Uses Plot Factory

Here's Why We Think You Should Too

Okay, Maybe It's Not That Easy, But What Do We Know About Complex Equations?

New times require new tools. And the times? Well, they be a changing. Your editing software should be changing to meet them. Finally, that change has come.

There's been a good deal of bandying about phrases like "indie author 3.0" and a lot of discussion about whether or not authors should go direct, rely on Kindle Unlimited, go wide, etc. The landscape has changed with the emergence of ad platforms for authors, increased collaboration between authors, editors, designers, formatters (as well as readers), and the rise of "rapid-release" as a strategy to satiate the biggest readers. (We won't even get into the pressures being put on story and information by Big Tech.)

One thing has remained surprisingly the same--the writing software we authors use to develop, plan, and write our stories. The vast majority of professional and hobby novelists out there continue to use Word, Scrivener, or Google Docs. We've used all of these over the years.

In our opinion, Scrivener has been a champion for over a decade. But the need for a cloud-based solution is simply too huge for us to ignore. We write on the move. We write on phones, tablets, and on multiple computers. We collaborate and share. We manage digital assets that need to be protected while remaining accessible and easy to format and upload to multiple 3rd party platforms. We build expansive worlds with copious notes that need to update when we pivot. We need a smart and intuitive editor that gets out of our way when we are creating and yet still comes to our rescue when we need to get the business work done.

We need Plot Factory, a suite of tools that empowers us to create, collaborate, and execute at every level of the indie author business. We love Plot Factory, and we think you will too.

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