We were human, once.

When humankind discovers Biomimetic Dark Matter, a universal element capable of assuming any natural characteristic, the possibilities unleash a destiny fueled by desires for power and immortality. Willing to forget our past in order to achieve our darkest dreams, humankind evolves into an advanced race known as Hibernarii.

After splintering into warring factions, the Hibernarii exhaust supplies of BDM and push the universe to the brink of cataclysm. When ancient and new powers clash, nature will inevitable restore balance—with humanity, or without it.

Featuring These Serials:

  • Brunning Divide

    United we fall.

  • Ranger’s War

    Never create a killing machine you can’t control.

  • Blighted Aura

    If evil surrounded you, would you want to see it?

  • Extinction Force

    When terraforming, two things are inevitable, mistakes and those who clean them.

  • Hope’s End

    Some sentences are worse than death.

Genrefication Facts

Space Opera
Weird Western
Action Adventure