Hibernaculated Culture

Hibernaculated Cultures (HC) have served as the primary means of creating and extracting Designer Biomimetic Dark Matter (DBDM) since their discovery and development at the pivot point between Middle Hibernal History and Late Hibernal History. They can encompass anything from an island to a planet, an asteroid or a moon. Some planets host multiple HCs.

HCs are typically heavily protected by both a Dyson Sphere and a military or paramilitary force due to the central role DBDM plays in Hibernarii society.

A Hibernaculated World is a planetary scale HC.

Ancestral Humans

Ancestral Humanity refers to the breeding stock that Hibernarii once were and have evolved from. Ancestral Humans are widely bred, cloned and used throughout the Hiberverse for many purposes including, slaves, servants, soldiers, Templar, and especially as the Intramural Races used to populate the numerous numerous Hibernaculated Cultures.

Intramural Races refer to any population artificially spawned from ancestral humanity for use in Hibernaculated Cultures.

Designer Biomimetic Dark Matter

Designer BDM is created by controlled acceleration of the APAE cycle. Originally done in a lab, the process was later expanded to Hibernaculated Cultures.

Designer BDM surpassed Vagabond BDM as the wave of the future, and marked the beginning of what Hibernarii historians label Late Hibernal History. While Vestal BDM has less complexity to begin with (no complexity), once scientists learn to accelerate the APAE cycle under controlled circumstances, this designer BDM becomes infinitely more powerful due to the specificity for which it can be fabricated. This ability enabled the Hibernarii to develop things such as sustenance pellets, and Star Drives for instantaneous travel (Jump Gates).

Hibernaculated Core

The Hibernaculated Core is what establishes a Hibernarii as such, and the Core is what grants them with longevity along with the specific Virtues of their High Hibernal Race. Integrated with their heart, the Core is a Hibernaculum embedded at birth. Each core is specific to certain virtues derived from a specific Designer Biomimetic Dark Matter (DBDM). The core cannot be altered after it is surgically implanted. A Hibernarii infant who does not receive a Core implant will die within months. Although the Hibernarii have evolved from Ancestral Humanity, they no longer retain the ability to survive without a DBDM Core.

The Palm Star is a unique Hibernaculated Core that functions as a BDM fission reactor that powers everything within the body that houses it.

Hibernal Virtues

In the belief of the High Hibernal Races, all Hibernarii have a dual nature: body and mind. There is no spiritual aspect.

So we begin with this two-tiered philosophy. All of the Virtues embraced by these races fit into one of these two tiers. Here are the more significant Virtues embraced by each of the more powerful Factions.


  • Integrity — Strength of flesh: Invulnerability against external attack or injury (including things like temperature flux). Makes the flesh, and bone of a person as though they were steel.
  • Immunity — Molecular Integrity: Immunity against virus or disease of any kind. Makes a person perfectly healthy.
  • Vitality — Strength of Energy: Limitless well of vital energy (if dosed properly) without the need for sleep to replenish it. Makes a person’s energy as undying as that of a young star.
  • Fortitude — Strength of Heart: Limitless (apparently) endurance capabilities. Makes the heart and lungs of a person as though they were the engine of a Mach-Cruiser.
  • Might — Strength of Sinew: Superhuman strength to lift or move heavy objects. Makes the muscles of a person as though they were hydraulic lifting machines.
  • Sensation — Strength of Senses: Heightening of all senses. Extends the range and sensitivity of the five senses.
  • Ferocity — Strength of Determination: Unrelenting and driven by lust. The ends justifies the means, survival at all costs.
  • Diversity — Strength in Balance: Every aspect of Body and Mind must be maintained for true enlightenment.


  • Clarity — Strength of Perception: The ability to perceive all sensory input clearly and at once. Makes a person all-seeing within the limits of their heightened senses. Intuition.
  • Remembrance — Strength of Mind: Application and Integration. Strength of Memory and aptitude for the application of history, archeology, anthropology and culture for the further development of Hibernal Technology.
  • Chaos — Strength of Improvisation: To control the present one must be mindful of every possible future. The unpredictable outcome is the most likely.
  • Equality — Strength of the Multitude: All individuals are necessary for a body to be its strongest. Advancement comes from unlikely sources.
  • Ingenuity — Strength of Creativity: Intuition and Application must combine in continually unprecedented modes.

Apex Lords

Apex Lords are Hibernarii who have evolved beyond corporeal form and recognition as once human. Of supreme power and longevity, they are the apex of Hibernarii evolution. Their current number is in the 100’s and yet they create the ruling class.

Many of the smaller High Hibernal Races have yet to produce a single Apex Lord, while the more significant Races or Factions may have produced a few dozen. Only one Apex Lord can represent a Faction on The Council.

Just below the Apex Lord ruling class is the Hibernal Technocracy. The larger size and ambitious nature of the Technocracy holds up the small elite class of Apex Lords. All new Apex Lords are chosen from among the Technocracy, with the occasional exception of a Crystal Artisan being elevated to this supreme status.

High Hibernal Council

The High Hibernal Council refers to the seven Apex Lords chosen to lead the seven ruling factions of the Council. The Council is the highest ruling body of the Hiberverse. While there are nearly 100 High Hibernal Races or Factions based on the Hibernal Virtues, there are only a dozen or so with significant influence. Of those dozen, only seven can have an Apex Lord on The Council at any given time. Elections to the Council are held every century.

High Hibernal Races

The High Hibernal Races are often referred to as Factions. While the number of factions recognized by the Hibernal Council is constantly in flux and currently near 100 in number, there are only a dozen influential factions, and only seven of these factions are able to control a seat on the High Hibernal Council, otherwise known as The Council. The Apex Lords currently serving on the Council are from the following Factions (or Virtues):

  • Might
  • Integrity
  • Immunity
  • Vitality
  • Ferocity
  • Clarity
  • Fortitude

Other significant Hibernarii Factions include: Sensation, Remembrance, Chaos, Equality, Diversity, and Ingenuity.

What makes one Hibernarii unique from another is the Hibernaculated Core at their heart. Integrated with their heart, the core is charged with specific Designer Biomimetic Dark Matter crystals according to the central tenant(s) of the Faction. In the case of Might, the core is charged with BDM crystals that lend the host significant strength of muscle and sinew. As is the case with all Hibernaculated Cores, the host is endowed with greatly increased longevity. While it is not known how long a Hibernarii can live, the oldest known Hibernarii are believed to be over 2,000 years old.

In most Factions, the race toward perfection has meant opting for specialization in order to excel well beyond the other Factions in a specific area. Only the Diversity (and to a lesser extent, the Equality) Faction has sought a different path, one that involves a core that enables them to balance all characteristics they apply themselves to. The trade off is that they are never as great in any one area as the other Factions. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a seat on the Council.

Efforts to procure and maintain a seat among the seven Apex Lords on the Council has lead the High Hibernal Races to radical excess in dangerously unstable ways. Thus, groups that have gathered unilateral support among the High Races have grown simnifically in influence as the Council attempts to hold the Empires of the Hiberverse together. The most important of these unaffiliated groups are:

Due to the need for stability, Diversity Faction and Sensation Faction have also grown in power over recent centuries. Although the Federation of Merchants is officially unaffiliated, many Hibernarii Factions are beginning to see it as the political and economic arm of Sensation Faction, due to their strangle hold on the vast majority of recreational drug usage and pleasure Projection throughout the Hiberverse.


The Hibernarii refers to the advanced races of Hibernaculum Augmented species. (A Hibernari is an individual of the Hibernarii.) The Hibernaculated Core is what establishes a Hibernarii as such, and the Core is what grants them with longevity along with the specific Virtues of their High Hibernal Race.