Nought Module

Nought Modules are created from asteroids that have escaped the event horizon of the black hole, Trikarum Prime. The ore from the asteroids has the unique ability to isolate charged BDM from its host matter without it immediately losing its stored “memory” or essence. In the natural process, the ore is vital in drawing complex BDM out of communities in order to ensure there is a continuous supply of vestal BDM at a particle level and available to assimilate the most basic elements.

When manipulated by humankind, and later Hibernarii, the ore enabled the creation of hibernaculums containing “sleeping” BDM that still maintained its essence.

Through Quintessential Accretion, the BDM condenses in layers around the nought module. If left alone long enough, it will form crystals that can then be applied into a multitude of applications via the skilled hands of the Crystal Artisans.

Quintessential Accretion

In regards to the Hibernarii practice of manipulating BDM:

After BDM is arrested via nought module, it is harvested via Quintessential Accretion, typically in crystalline form.

Most commonly, the BDM condenses in layers around the nought module. Left alone long enough, these accretions will form crystals that can then be applied into a multitude of applications.

In regards to BDM’s natural state:

Naturally occurring Quintessential Accretion follows a much different path that results in the birth of a new symbiotic-hybrid being between human and BDM. Riarin refers to these beings as Mimicrons.

Charged and Replete BDM

Charged is the term for any BDM that has assimilated the quintessence of any matter to any degree. It is no longer Vestal at this point, and hence it behaves differently. It is attracted more forcefully than Vestal BDM, but the objects of its attraction must be more specifically sympathetic to it, resonating with its essence on more levels than before (see Quintessential Accretion).

There are levels to this. Some BDM will be more Replete with assimilated Quintessence, having been through more cycles of Attraction/Permeation/Assimilation/Egress (APAE) than the rest. While this makes the BDM harder to bond with, it also makes the effects that BDM has on the host organism much more concentrated, especially after the rite of Cognizant Sanction, the host exhibiting obvious and powerful physical and/or mental endowments.

As I have deepened my relations with the Eldermost, I have come to suspect that the culmination of the cycle of Repletion is an entity that I shall call, for lack of a better term, a Mimicron. The concentrated accretion of essences, and the strength of the sympathetic bond between such highly replete BDM and its host, results in a sentient, infinite, materially refined copy of the form and quintessence of the final host. It is in essence a specter of said host that continues on in connection with the whole Biomimetic entity, if I guess correctly.

Vestal BDM

This is the original form of BDM, before it first began to assimilate the essence of other organisms in the universe. It is the purest form of BDM, and due to its lack of quintessential accretion is the most useful form of BDM to those who have brought it under their dominion.

By the time that the High Hibernal Races began to actively subvert the BDM to their own uses, there was very little BDM in its vestal form. Most of it had been drawn over the preceding millennia, via sympathetic attraction, to the many worlds in the universe and the many organisms comprising these worlds.

One of the pivotal moments in the development of Hibernal Technology was the creation of the nought modules. It is believed that this was one of the first step in the process of enslaving and manipulating BDM. It is assumed the discovery was made on a planet in close proximity to a spacetime singularity (black hole). As a result, particles of asteroids that had traveled within a certain proximity to the singularity and yet managed to escape the pull of it (we still do not know how this is done, although several leading members of the Technocracy have dedicated much time to solving this question), fell as meteoroids to this planet. This meteoric material exhibited properties that “erased” BDM’s “memory”, thus reverting it to a vestal state.

This same meteoric material is still used to create modern Nought Modules. One of the most fertile harvesting grounds is in the vicinity of Trikarum Prime — the largest black hole known to us — which is within cruising distance of the capital planet.

APAE Cycle

The APAE cycle is the simplest way of describing the behavior of BDM in its natural state. APAE stands for Attraction, Permeation, Assimilation, Egress. Qualifying adjectives have been added to each of these to further refine the steps.

Sympathetic Attraction: Based on its complexity and essence, the BDM will seek sympathetic host matter.

Sanctioned Permeation: In its natural state, BDM behaves symbiotically and seaks permeation with willing matter. Sanctioning is less concrete for less complex organisms.

Quintessential Assimilation: Based on its ability for “memory”, BDM acquires the essence of the host material during the life cycle or the APAE cycle with the host material.

Egress: Egress happens either through postnecrotic or prenecrotic processes.

In most cases, simpler molecular structure leads to longer APAE cycles while more complex organisms often times result in quicker APAE cycles.

BDM Strong Force

Much of the technology based on the manipulation of BDM comes from the discovery of the strong force that exists between BDM and the matter it is assimilating. The basic premise involves the following steps/breakthroughs:

1.) using a nought module to isolate a relatively homogenous sample of material replete with BDM. For use in Plasma Thrusters, this material is most often an alkali metal or neutral gas. Inside the module, the process of quintessential assimilation between the alkali metal and the BDM is arrested.

2.) Transfer the alkali metal in it’s hibernaculated state into a ionization chamber where the metal can be simultaneously vaporized and ionized by forcing the BDM and the alkali metal apart using various methods (most commonly some form of electromagnetic energy like gamma rays).

3.) The BDM plasma then drifts into the propulsion portion of the engine where increasing magnetic field intensity is used to accelerate the ionized BDM up to 150,000 m/s and ejecting it in a focused stream for maximum thrust.

Due to the strong force of arrested BDM being three times stronger than any other known ionic attraction, BDM-based plasma thrusters are a sizable improvement over any other version of accelerant-based thrust propulsion.

This strong force is also the basis for the Jump Gate system. By transporting the ionized BDM through a wormhole moments before the vessel previously assimilated by the BDM, the strong force is then able to safely draw the vessel through the worm hole to its exact location on the other side and completely rebuild the complex vessel based on the BDMs complex memory acquired during the assimilation state of its APAE cycle. Of course, the second critical element of the jump gate is the ability to create precise and stable wormholes via the Star Drive.

Core Space Vs. Fringe Space

Core Space is the region within the Hiberverse tightly controlled by the High Hibernal Council. While Core Space is continually expanding as the Hiberverse pushes further outward in its efforts to sequester BDM, Fringe Space is a constant reality as well.

Fringe Space constitutes the portions of the Hiberverse where High Hibernal Council rule is limited to non-existant.

The Jump Gate system of instantaneous travel also plays an important role in dictating whether space is Core or Fringe. Council rule quickly fails in areas unavailable to the Jump Gate system.

Hibernaculated Augmentation

A Hibernaculated Augmentation can be anything from a pathogen filter to a nutrient dispenser to a tissue regenerator surgically placed within the body of a Hibernarii or an Ancestral Human. While it is strictly taboo and divergent to install a Hibernaculated Core into an Ancestral Human (Templar Rangers are the only exception), it is common to grant humans specific augmentations to make them more valuable to their owners.

Augmentations can be either inclusive or exclusive of their own DBDM sources.

High Hibernal Society

High Hibernal Society consists of three distinct groups and two classes. The highest class consists of the Apex Lords. The lower two classes are equal in status and consist of:

The Apex Lords function as the ruling class of each High Hibernarii Race as well as constituting the High Hibernal Council that officially rules over all of the Hiberverse. In practicality, the Council holds little authority outside of Core Space. Fringe Space functions according to local and regional law as applied by powerful merchants, smugglers and militia.

The Technocracy functions as the scientific, academic and political branches of Hibernarii governance.

The Guilds maintain commerce and manufacturing throughout the Hiberverse.