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dbd_logoIf you find books via the internet, you’ve probably already begun to use email recommendation services such as BookBub and Pixel of Ink to help you find deeply discounted ebooks (and sometimes paperbacks).

There are several of these services out there. From a writer’s point of view, I look for the ones with the largest subscriber base, to get the biggest bang for my buck. BookBub owns the title of largest with somewhere around 2 million subscribers. But, some users have become rather ho hum over the offerings provided.

See, if these services begin recommending books the subscribers buy and then find to be poorly written or wrongly recommended, the service looses its value and authority. Read more

Welcoming the Newest Arrival: First Relic

FirstRelic_DavidMarkBrown_Cover_5Strap in and pop a dramamine. The ride continues with the introduction of my newest series, Relic Hunters. First in the series, the aptly titled First Relic, continues with familiar characters from the DMB Files…but with a twist. (You’ll have to read it to find out!)

I’m describing the two series as parallel. Book #1 of either series serves as an ideal starting spot. Knowledge of one series is not required to enjoy the other, but reading both will provide a fuller understanding. And if that hasn’t made your blood boil, I’ll soon be publishing season one of The Green Ones (a dystopian serial) which will weave it’s way back and forth through both of the other series. The Green Ones will also serve as on on ramp capable of being enjoyed in isolation from the rest of the DMB universe.

Mine is a truly dizzying intellect. (Or so they say.) I can’t help it. Before I know what has happened, I discover a new angle into the universe of my own creating (and named thusly) and follow it into a new series of books.

I don’t plan on stopping the madness anytime soon (probably for as long as sales continue to climb). Next on the docket I hope to stumble into something along the lines of the Young DMB Files (for middle grades), or a redneck, comedy spin off based from the DMB Files. At the same time, I’ll be trying to complete a new novel in each of the existing series every year. (I think I can, I think I can.)

Buy my Book!

If you’re ready to plunge deeper down the rabbit hole, check out First Relic at Kobo Books, or Barnes and Noble, or click on the image below for Amazon.

And as always, enjoy the show!

Why My Eighth Book is Different

DesertGodssmallYup. Eight. It’s been three years since I started writing full-time. During the first year I worked exclusively on my first book, Fistful of Reefer. The next year I hammered out The Austin Job, Twitch and Die! and a compilation of Lost DMB File shorts.

Over the last twelve months, I’ve written De Novo Syndrome, Desert Gods, The Green Ones: Season One, and now I’m polishing up First Relic. And you know what? I’m starting to learn the ropes as a professional writer.

The reason I’m most confident of this fact? My eighth book has been nothing but pure product. The kind of product you dip your pinky finger into and dab on your tongue. You smear it across the front of your teeth, turn to your peers and say, “It’s pure. Break it down, boys.” Read more

Desert Gods continues the Buckner saga

DesertGodssmallThe much awaited continuation of the DMB Files has arrived! (Hey, me and at least 4 other people have been really awaiting it.) DESERT GODS (not to be confused with DESSERT GODS. That’s a whole different book entirely.) picks up where De Novo Syndrome leaves off and throws Buckner and Evie into a final showdown with Oleg and his minions of twitchers.

But, before they get to the desert they pick up my new favorite character, Dr. Petrosian. The crank of all cranks, this guy makes Buckner look downright cheery. Plus, he is keeping all kinds of secrets from when he used to be Buckner’s father’s partner and best friend.

Anywho, this book reveals all sorts of gems on Buckner’s past as well as some revelations about the nature of the twitch retrovirus. On top of that, I drop a bit of a bomb that will reinterpret the way Buckner sees his entire world. Ooolala. You sci-fi and twisty thriller fans won’t want to miss it. Expect the unexpected!

Now, as for calls to action from my legions of faithfuls (I love all four of you!):
1.) Go buy it! DESERT GODS is available from Amazon and Kobo Books and B&N.
2.) If you have read the book, please post a review on Amazon and Goodreads.
3.) If you haven’t read De Novo Syndrome yet, you will want to read it first. But, before you run out to buy De Novo…

DE NOVO SYNDROME will be on sale for $0.99 May 1st-3rd!!!

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo Books. If you still need to pick up a copy of De Novo, I recommend taking advantage of the sale. If you insist on paying the full $2.99, just pick it up now, or wait until May 4th! The sale is for ebooks only, but De Novo is available in paperback as well, from Amazon.

Finally, you can always spread the word to anyone else you think would be a fan. Above all, enjoy the show!

De Novo Syndrome… Unleashed!

Jim Buckner’s (aka me) first book has arrived, and here is what people are saying about it.

“The rabid, frothy pacing gripped me like the iron jaws of a junkyard dog and left me crying out for a literary tetanus shot! More please.”

“I only smoke after sex and reading a really good book. This novel had me lighting up before I could set it down.”

“My first thought: Good Lord, not another first person POV series. My last thought: Thank you, may I have another?”

Who exactly are these people? Well… I don’t know. But whoever they are, they’re certainly real. As real as Jim Buckner himself. (Why would you even ask?)

De Novo Syndrome coverThe mysterious universe alluded to by the Lost DMB Files comes into sharper focus with the DMB Files as Professor Buckner discovers how deep the rabbit hole goes. The year is 2025, and the nation of Texicas is over 100 years old. Those behind its founding preserve a secret 1000 years older. The truth is waiting. Read more