Reader’s Choice Poll – September 2013

Once again, the voice of the people shall be made known … via technology that requires no vocal chords whatsoever. So, really, the click of the people shall be made known! Freedom!

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Winner of the August 2013 Reader’s Choice Poll

Our apologies for the delay in announcing results of the Reader’s Choice Poll. Our expedition into the wilds of the Unwellia went all dragon-shaped. But here we are, with a few scorch marks, one less sword-bearer (R.I.P. Tilbert Quaterpillny), and a small piece of paper with the winner’s name scrawled on it, fresh from the oracle’s grimy hands.

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Reader’s Choice Poll for August 2013

The Reader’s Choice Poll has been loaded into the catapult, and we’re ready to lob it over your castle wall. So get ready; here it comes.

Oh, I’ve just been informed that there’s no need for catapults, the poll is here for you below. Vote to your heart’s content in the safety of your own, un-besieged living room.

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Announcing the First Annual Fiction Vortex Horror Contest

UPDATE (Sept. 15): Submissions for the horror contest are now closed. While we still receive horror submissions, we will accept far fewer, and accepted stories will be posted according to our regular editorial calendar.

Greetings to everyone navigating the Fiction Vortex. Mike here. I come with great news, and a little bit of backstory.

During one of our many staff conference calls, which usually consist of me proposing ideas and Dan saying it will never work, the old Voice of Reason himself surprised me by expressing a desire to spice up our process, to try something new and exciting. Here’s about how it went:

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Winners of the July Reader’s Choice Poll

The moment of truth is here, the moment wherein we reveal your dirty secret about that chincilla in your closet, and how you voted in the July Reader’s Choice Poll. Once again, we have a clear winner followed by two stories vying neck-and-neck for second place. Just like your high school prom.

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Readers Choice Poll for July 2013

It has been another great month here at Fiction Vortex, and it’s now your turn to vote for your favorite story. We’ve had a wide variety of tales, so there should be something to satisfy just about every taste. Except you, yeah you, the weird guy who’s only interested in stories about fairy cakes. Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t do cakepunk.

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The Winner of the June Reader’s Choice Poll Is…

The votes are in, the tallies have been numberfied, the results have been spreadsheetized, and the divisors have been totallated. That means that we know who won the Reader’s Choice Poll for June 2013.

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Vote for the Best Story – Reader’s Choice Poll for June 2013

It’s time once again for you, dear reader, to tell us your favorite story. You can shout it from whichever hilltop you like, but keep in mind that we won’t be able to tally your vote unless you make your choice known in the poll widget below. We are still accepting vote submissions sent via air and ground familiars (Sadly, we can no longer submissions from water-based familiars).

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The May 2013 Reader’s Choice Winner Is…

The results are in, the votes have been counted thrice by our goblin accountants, and the time has come to announce the winner of our first Reader’s Choice Poll.

The winner for May 2013 is…

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