Winner of the November 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll

Hopefully the food coma has worn off from your Thanksgiving feast and you’ve had time to vote in the Reader’s Choice Poll, because otherwise it’s too late to vote, and you’ll be fired for sleeping at your desk. Regardless, we’re about to announce the winner of the poll, so make whatever drumroll sound effects you deem appropriate.

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Reader’s Choice Poll – November 2014

We’re a little wary about the Reader’s Choice Poll this month, given how frustrating it was last month. But we believe in the fundamental goodness of humans and orcs alike, so we’re willing to give you all a second chance. Come forth and vote for your favorite story from November, but knock it off with the fraudulent votes this time.

We’ve made a couple changes to the poll, so it should be harder to spoof the system this time around, but in case some people forgot, the rule is one vote per person. You know, the cardinal rule for just about any vote you’ve ever heard of…

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Winner of the October 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll

Some of you have been very naughty, it seems. We’ve come with the results of the October 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad news.

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Reader’s Choice Poll – October 2014

Hopefully you have been sufficiently spooked by our October lineup of horror stories. And now that they have all emerged from the graves and sludgepits of the Horror Issue, it’s time to vote for your favorite.

Here’s how the poll works. Pick your favorite story from the month of October (see below for reference), and vote. The poll remains open for a week and will close on November 6. And leaving comments on stories is always welcome, so make your opinion heard!

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Winner of the August 2014 Reader’s Choice Award

The poll has closed, and it’s time to reveal the story you picked as the best from our August issue. And just to heighten the suspense, this was the closest race we’ve had in a while, with the lead changing hands several times. Do you consider yourself to be amply enticed? Then read on to find out the results.

The story you chose is …

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Reader’s Choice Poll for August 2014

Get ready for ultimate power to course through your arm, down through your mouse, out through a series of invisible tubes, and into our hallowed servers, whereupon your choice for the best Fiction Vortex story of August 2014 will be registered as an edict from the gods.

That’s right, for a small moment you are a vote god, casting bolts of choosing upon our site. All we ask is that you use your powers for good.

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Second Annual Fiction Vortex Horror Contest


In another impromptu Fiction Vortex Staff meeting over the phone, Dan and I (Mike) realized we had slacked.

Dan: You forgot about the Horror Contest.

Mike: Uh, what?

Dan: The Horror Contest. You. Forgot. About. It.

Mike: I don’t write horror. Why would I be in a contest for horror?

Dan: Fiction Vortex has a horror contest!

Mike: It does? When? Why didn’t I know about this?

Dan:… … …

Mike: Are you there?

Dan: Are you?

Mike: Uh huh. So… you forgot about the horror contest.

Dan: click

Mike: Dan?


Mike: I found a judge.

Dan: Wha… A judge? Why?

Mike: For the Horror Contest.

Dan: Oh. Phew. Okay. Who is it?

Mike: This really cool author that always wears tie-dye shirts and writes creepy paranormal books… wait. Why else would would we need a judge?

Dan: Hmm?

Mike: Why else would I need a judge?

Dan: Oh. That. You don’t need to worry about it.

Mike: Uh. What?

Dan: So. Who is our judge?



with Guest Judge Johnny Worthen

 Five horror stories will be chosen for the October 2014 issue of Fiction Vortex (usual terms and conditions apply). Because it’s a special occasion, we’re also increasing the normal rewards and Mr. Worthen will be choosing the winners.

While regular submissions will continue as normal, the submission period for the horror contest will only be open from August 8th to September 15th.

Please use the regular submission process, but put “Horror Submission” in the subject line of the email.

Winners will be announced October 1st. The October 2014 issue, featuring original cover art by Niels Christensen, will be released shortly after. All stories will be featured on the Fiction Vortex site during the month of October, with the winning story appearing on Halloween, October 31st, 2014.

Our thanks goes out to Johnny Worthen and all participants.

Winner of the July 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll

It’s time to announce the winner of the Reader’s Choice Poll for July 2014. The reader’s favorite story was…

Good-bye, Mr. Chip, by Jaime Kittrick

Congratulations to Jaime, and thanks to our authors and readers for participating!

Reader’s Choice Poll – July 2014

Your turn is here; your time has come; your future is now. That’s just a fancy way of saying that the Reader’s Choice Poll is now open for your votes. You can tell us what your favorite story was from July 2014, so you should probably do that. Go forth and click!

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