Fiction Vortex Inducted into Secret Government Fiction Registry Sites … Possibly

Actually, the sites aren’t run by the government, and they don’t particularly care about government fiction (how dour!). But our sources have told us that Fiction Vortex is officially being watched by higher authorities. That’s right, we are now listed on Duotrope and the Submissions Grinder.

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What’s in a Name? or, Would a Magazine by any other Name Smell Just as Papery?

When we first conceived of this little sylph we call a fiction site, we thought of it as a traditional short fiction magazine. We would have stories, and articles, and contests. And so when we created the site, we called Fiction Vortex an online speculative fiction magazine. We even used traditional print terminology such as “monthly issue,” “cover story,” and “saddle stitch binding.” Well, two of those, anyway.

But here’s the thing: Fiction Vortex was always intended to be a primarily digital entity.

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The Launch of the USS Fiction Vortex (NCC 7328-FV)

Let the celebration begin! Bring forth the speculative fiction that we may feast upon its beauty and floss our teeth with its silky tendons.

That’s right, welcome to the official launch of the good ship Fiction Vortex.

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Fiction Vortex Is Open for Submissions

Fiction Vortex is our new site for publishing short fiction, particularly fiction of a speculative persuasion. This is the place for wizards and rocket ships, robots and hexes, hyper-reality and surreality.

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Book Review: ‘Year Zero: A Novel’ by Rob Reid

YEAR ZERO: A NOVEL – review by Dan HopeYear Zero: A Novel[dropdown_box expand_text=”Dan” show_more=”More About” show_less=”Less About” start=”hide”]Dan Hope, or the BSR as we call him, is Fiction Vortex’s resident sci-fi go to guy. Whether he is writing or reading it, sci-fi is his thing. Even if it is about space cows. Read more about Dan here. [/dropdown_box]

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