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The Hiberverse refers to the entirety of all space owned and occupied by the Hibernarii Empires. This includes essentially all mapped space, although Fringe Space is highly disputed and minimally controlled.


The Hibernaculum lies at the heart of the Hiberverse and is the pivotal technology that enabled Ancestral Humanity to evolve into Hibernarii. It is believed that Yuan the Heretic was the first Ancestral Human to derive the ability to arrest Biomimetic Dark Matter (BDM) via a Nought Module. In its arrested state, the BDM can […]

BDM: The Engine that Drives the Hiberverse

The following is an excerpt from the scientific journal of Dr. Riarin before his tragic apostasy and end. All of my existence has been defined by and built around a handful of presuppositions about the behavior of Biomimetic Dark Matter, otherwise known as BDM. I’ve been feed these immutable truths since I first became a researcher […]