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Nought Module

Nought Modules are created from asteroids that have escaped the event horizon of the black hole, Trikarum Prime. The ore from the asteroids has the unique ability to isolate charged BDM from its host matter without it immediately losing its stored “memory” or essence. In the natural process, the ore is vital in drawing complex […]

Quintessential Accretion

In regards to the Hibernarii practice of manipulating BDM: After BDM is arrested via nought module, it is harvested via Quintessential Accretion, typically in crystalline form. Most commonly, the BDM condenses in layers around the nought module. Left alone long enough, these accretions will form crystals that can then be applied into a multitude of […]

Charged and Replete BDM

Charged is the term for any BDM that has assimilated the quintessence of any matter to any degree. It is no longer Vestal at this point, and hence it behaves differently. It is attracted more forcefully than Vestal BDM, but the objects of its attraction must be more specifically sympathetic to it, resonating with its essence on […]

Vestal BDM

This is the original form of BDM, before it first began to assimilate the essence of other organisms in the universe. It is the purest form of BDM, and due to its lack of quintessential accretion is the most useful form of BDM to those who have brought it under their dominion. By the time that […]

APAE Cycle

The APAE cycle is the simplest way of describing the behavior of BDM in its natural state. APAE stands for Attraction, Permeation, Assimilation, Egress. Qualifying adjectives have been added to each of these to further refine the steps. Sympathetic Attraction: Based on its complexity and essence, the BDM will seek sympathetic host matter. Sanctioned Permeation: […]

BDM Strong Force

Much of the technology based on the manipulation of BDM comes from the discovery of the strong force that exists between BDM and the matter it is assimilating. The basic premise involves the following steps/breakthroughs: 1.) using a nought module to isolate a relatively homogenous sample of material replete with BDM. For use in Plasma […]

Core Space Vs. Fringe Space

Core Space is the region within the Hiberverse tightly controlled by the High Hibernal Council. While Core Space is continually expanding as the Hiberverse pushes further outward in its efforts to sequester BDM, Fringe Space is a constant reality as well. Fringe Space constitutes the portions of the Hiberverse where High Hibernal Council rule is […]

Hibernaculated Augmentation

A Hibernaculated Augmentation can be anything from a pathogen filter to a nutrient dispenser to a tissue regenerator surgically placed within the body of a Hibernarii or an Ancestral Human. While it is strictly taboo and divergent to install a Hibernaculated Core into an Ancestral Human (Templar Rangers are the only exception), it is common to […]

High Hibernal Society

High Hibernal Society consists of three distinct groups and two classes. The highest class consists of the Apex Lords. The lower two classes are equal in status and consist of: The Technocracy Crystal Artisans and Merchant Guilds (The Guilds) The Apex Lords function as the ruling class of each High Hibernarii Race as well as […]