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Pollinger’s Notebook: Years 4.3 – 6.4

By Mark Burgh   Private Encoded RNA Marks AA – EG Required Year 4.3 It’s about Hermione. All of this is about Hermione. Today, after the Lab Director leaves, a smile of incomprehension painting his face, Hermione peeks her nose over the core unit. “He’s your new boss?” she says. “What are you doing out […]

Roots and Wings, Soil and Sky

By Nicholas Beishline In recent history there existed a small town situated deep in a dense forest. The people of this town, much like the town itself — more of a village, really — were nearly born of the forest itself, their lives and their senses of purpose inextricably tangled with the living monoliths all […]

Book Review: ‘Year Zero: A Novel’ by Rob Reid

YEAR ZERO: A NOVEL – review by Dan Hope[dropdown_box expand_text=”Dan” show_more=”More About” show_less=”Less About” start=”hide”]Dan Hope, or the BSR as we call him, is Fiction Vortex’s resident sci-fi go to guy. Whether he is writing or reading it, sci-fi is his thing. Even if it is about space cows. Read more about Dan here. [/dropdown_box]