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The Dream Eater

By Priyadarshini Chatterjee For years the people in my village had not slept. The dreams did not let them sleep. During the day they went about their mundane chores in a sleep-starved stupor, their blood-shot eyes sunk deep in dark, hollow craters; their limbs flaccid and steps uncertain, like addled bacchanals. They all looked strangely […]

Nth Chance

By Konstantine Paradias I saw myself across the street today, waving at me; did my absolute best to ignore I-across-the-street, despite my constant protestations. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that I-across-the-street was grasping a slip of brightly-colored paper. I picked up my pace, then bumped onto a young man who shoved me […]

The Way Station

By Shay Hatten The wheels on the bus went round and round and round, and sitting inside, Terry was dead, dead, dead. In spite of that, or maybe because of it, he looked out the window at the road ahead. And saw it end. Not in the earthly way, not with roadblocks and construction signs, […]

Undead in the Daisies

By Holly Casey A plan of action for keeping your garden healthy and beautiful while dealing with the monstrous horde at the door The question of how to deal with botany-unfriendly, undead nuisances while trying to keep your garden looking its best is one of the most frequent questions I receive. By the time I […]

Triple’s Blog

By Todd Outcalt After posting the latest installment on his blog, Gary Triple rose from his desk chair, yawned as he stretched his twenty-nine year old frame, and then padded into the company kitchen for a beer. The lights were dim — per company policy — so that employees would have difficulty ascertaining the time. […]

The Girl Who Did Not Know What to Be

By Jay Duret The Girl Who Did Not Know What to Be was in school one day when Ms. Standly, her regular teacher, called in sick and so did Ms. Moore, who was Ms Standly’s assistant, and so did half a dozen other teachers because the Have a Bad Day Flu was going around that […]