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Losses Beyond the Kill Point

By Marilyn K. Martin The pig was green that morning. A bad green. Darker than the grass. The color of a laser-tank in the forest. Bad! Grunting and gobbling in its morning trough, the pig was a green mini-blimp, darker green stripes rippling the length of its back. Its stubby green legs were distorted, as […]

Reader’s Choice Poll – May 2013

We’re turning the power over to you. Don’t make us regret it. We are officially opening the first Reader’s Choice Poll, wherein you get to cast your vote for the best story published on our site in May. We’ve had a centaur-load of good stories this month, so it’s going to be a hard decision. […]


By Katherine McIntyre Tonight was my third sleepless night in a row. It started a couple days back when I noticed that man on the subway. I wasn’t attracted to him, so I don’t know why he stood out. Gimlet eyes didn’t help his appearance, and wrinkles stretched across his face like railroad tracks. He […]

Abraham, the Boy Prophet

By Michael Pacheco His first creation was a turtle. The round mound of clay was the size of a tennis ball sliced in half. Four little knobs protruded from its sides. “Where’s the head?” asked Jimmy. Abraham crouched low to the ground and pointed to an indentation on the side of the mound. “There, you […]

The Face in the Moon

By Eric Kiefer It was autumn — the time of the Weeping Moon — and the harvest was finally done. The boy’s fingernails were dark crescents after a day in the fields, and he was tired. He was in bed and on the verge of dream when Grandmother finally came to his bedroom and asked […]