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By Tyrone Long I take another sip of water before picking up the script again. My idol, Jim Jacobson III, once wrote that he would only sip water during commercials. He said in thirteen years of broadcast journalism, he had not taken one solid drink of water while on the job. “Stopping to go to […]

Bogged Down

By Jason Norton What had begun as a wretch of a week for Preston Alstodt was turning out most glorious. His elation would have invariably been lost on the casual observer who did not share his passion for botany. But knee-deep in the brackish muck of the Everglades — leeches, gators, and fist-sized mosquitoes aside […]

A Misleading Dance

By Catherine Evleshin “Deliver by Friday, or forfeit your contract,” growls the CEO of Rent-a-Bot. “And don’t tell me again that the programs for the lead salsabots are ten times more complex than for the follow bots.” “More like fifty.” “By the end of the week, Jason.” His face disappears from the screen. Six months […]

Willow Grove

By T. Eric Bakutis My name is Jack, and I have a little sister. Her name is Dana. She was eleven when the faeries took her away. It was Dana’s birthday. We had chocolate ice cream cake, rich, wet and squishy. It made what had happened to Ted in Willow Grove that morning seem like […]

A Feeble Gleam of Stars

By R.W.W. Greene Winks and words twinkled across her retinas. “;-) 😉 😉 Amitteee hz a boyfrend! Amittee hz a boyfrend! 😉  😉  ;-)” The message scrolled left into Amity’s peripheral vision. She grinned and waved at her friends as their autocab pulled away. Amity skipped happily for one, two steps, then three but made […]

Freckles, Stan, and Peconic Joe

By John Byrne No one complained when those harsh four-letter words that teens thrust into every sentence unaccountably disappeared. Nor was anyone concerned that political talk-show hosts seemed no longer able to verbally compare everyone they disliked to devotees of a genocidal former German Chancellor. And nobody but nobody complained that door-to-door preachers were suddenly […]