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Spirit Messages

By Betsy Streeter “I want everyone here to know, even if a message doesn’t come through for you tonight, spirits are all around you, sending you love. The messages that do come through are evidence of this, so do not lose hope.” Candace Claremont turns in her overstuffed chair and lights a stick of incense […]

The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists

By Ahimsa Kerp The train chug-chug-chugged past the wild jungles and verdant tea plantations as plumes of steam drifted into the blue sky. Josephine Anson and her mother, Olivia, sat in the front car and the view was incredible; the karst cliffs rose high above the lush valley floor. Above and behind it all, mist-clad […]

Fair Godmum

By Jessica Barone For all her serene glances to the jury, Samantha Selwyn was beginning to bubble underneath. Standing on trial had become a bore to her, having made a habit of it in the recent centuries, and she was growing impatient with the judge’s questioning: “Paragraph 142, clause 3, are you familiar with it?” […]

In the Rain

By Lisa Lutwyche It’s risky telling this story because I’m a female police officer, but it’s also impossible to deny. Before I hardened my heart to protect myself, before the years of forcing myself to be always impartial, I might have convinced myself I’d imagined it all. But I wasn’t alone, even if they refuse […]