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Readers Choice Poll for July 2013

It has been another great month here at Fiction Vortex, and it’s now your turn to vote for your favorite story. We’ve had a wide variety of tales, so there should be something to satisfy just about every taste. Except you, yeah you, the weird guy who’s only interested in stories about fairy cakes. Sorry […]


By Elisa Nuckle On a humid summer’s night, Niall walked into his brother’s dining hall with outstretched arms and a broad grin. Dorim, the stockier of the two, grasped Niall with both hands and nearly crushed Niall’s spine as he roared with laughter. The metal baubles and feathers in Dorim’s blond hair jangled as he […]


By Regina Swanson “Kiri says there’s a dryad in the willow tree by the mill pond,” my sister Lilla announced. She stuffed a piece of honey bread in her mouth and waited for the reaction. Mamich kneaded dough with strong hands and thick forearms powdered white with fine flour. “Don’t be silly,” Mamich snapped. Her […]

Red Rising, by Pierce Brown

Review by Dan Hope What do you do when your people are slaves, your wife has been executed by the aristocracy, and you’ve been sentenced to die, too? Infiltrate the upper crust of society and attend their battle school. That’s what. Red Rising is a new science fiction novel by Pierce Brown scheduled to debut […]

What the Butler Didn’t See

By Teel James Glenn My first contact with the child was innocent enough. It was as I drove up to the gate of the Hobbson Estate near Croton-on-Harmon, New York. At the gatehouse a surly looking fellow greeted me gruffly. “What’s your business?” he asked in a gravelly voice. “I’m Preston Cork,” I said, “I’ve […]


By Forrest Roy Johnson “Hello.” Katherine blinked. She lifted a hand to shade her eyes from the mid-morning sun. On the trail ahead of her stood a blonde and curly-haired little girl wearing a sky-blue dress. She looked at Katherine with eyes the same shade as her dress. “My name is Ammy. What’s yours?” “Katherine,” […]

Past Another Sky

By Scott Birrenkott The shuttle came down as a blaze from the distant sun. I watched it slow in an instant, landing just outside the town and beyond my view. Above me, just past the hazy atmosphere that didn’t belong on this moon, was the outline of the ship the shuttle had come from. I […]

A Midsummer Night’s Curse

By Laura Garrison The station wagon drifted for a few dozen yards, like a raft on a slow-moving river, before coming to a gentle stop at the base of an incline. The red Check Engine light glared accusingly from the dashboard. Around them, the forest stretched away in all directions, broken only by the pitted […]