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Masked Desire

By Christel Bodenbender The only face that Sibling W remembered was that of her grandmother, as she turned paler with age. One time her grandmother leaned closer and explained the color was fading due to the lack of sunlight underground. Grandmother whispered so faintly that Sibling W could hardly hear the words. Although Sibling W […]

The Hatchlings

By Darius Jones The myths, rumors, and speculation surrounding the Zakir ritual on Kaldar are well attested, but they remain only that, myth and speculation. Now, as I have witnessed the thing itself, I feel responsible to share the truth, no matter how loathsome, with the rest of the civilized galaxy. For those of you […]

Announcing the First Annual Fiction Vortex Horror Contest

UPDATE (Sept. 15): Submissions for the horror contest are now closed. While we still receive horror submissions, we will accept far fewer, and accepted stories will be posted according to our regular editorial calendar. Greetings to everyone navigating the Fiction Vortex. Mike here. I come with great news, and a little bit of backstory. During […]


By Joseph Sale Billy sighed. He closed the novel he’d been reading and tossed it onto the table. Nothing had been the same since the fall. The memory gave him chills along his arms. He would never forget the day he’d returned to his flat to find a crowd gathered, and a police cordon around […]

Kastner’s Job

By Bojan Ratković When he first took possession of a small leather briefcase from the man in the white hat, Kastner didn’t intend to open it. His job was clean and simple: get the merchandise, make the call, wait exactly 48 hours before making the delivery. He never looked inside — the thought didn’t even cross […]

Winners of the July Reader’s Choice Poll

The moment of truth is here, the moment wherein we reveal your dirty secret about that chincilla in your closet, and how you voted in the July Reader’s Choice Poll. Once again, we have a clear winner followed by two stories vying neck-and-neck for second place. Just like your high school prom.

Any Ending

By Alexandra Grunberg They told her she was sick, and Meg did not argue. You never argued when they came to take you away. Her parents stood in the living room, holding hands, their eyes gazing at some point far above Meg’s head. They could have been avoiding eye contact to prevent a breakdown in […]

July Issue Available as e-Book

The announcement is a little late, but the e-book isn’t. In case you didn’t see it, the July issue is available for download, including all nine of the great stories we published last month. Batteries and summoning incantation for RectoVerso, the vengeful god of publishing, not included.

Whispers in the Flame

By Steve Cotterill Nathan lay on his bed in the dark, flicking his battered lighter, bringing the flame to life, and letting it die again. Outside in the lounge, the telly thundered as his family watched some worthless program, letting their brains die piece by rotten piece. It was Tuesday so Mum was getting her […]