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The brainchild of a ragtag, vanguard of indie authors, Fiction Vortex™ emphasizes imagination and fun while breaking outmoded conventions. Our goal is to become your sole source of speculative fiction by writing stories from your new favorite storyverses™ as fast as you can read them.

Storyverses™ are collaborative universes doled out via weekly ebook episodes–each a jam-packed story boiled down to its juiciest goodness. Multiple authors and multiple serials means constant content pouring from lavish, continually-evolving storyworlds.

As our grassroots revolution grows, we’re adding more storyverses and more convenient functionality for our readers. Join us and let your voice be heard. What do you want to read? How do you want to read it? Welcome to the Vortex, and may you #getsuckedin™!

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    Speculative fiction without the F-bombs.

Fiction Vortex Manifesto (Don’t we sound intelligent and disruptive!)

We are boiling with excitement over how many people have jumped into the Vortex along with us. Thus far, the Hiberverse has been a crazy stupid success, but our baby is still so young and frail!

It’s time to suckle the milk of brilliant genre fiction until our bones grow strong. At Fiction Vortex, we are so brazen to assume we can, nay WILL, pioneer the future of digital storytelling. When it comes to finding good stuff to read, we scoff at helping you find a needle in a haystack. We’d rather build you a custom haystack of needles.

Let’s work together to restore the intimate bonds and direct collaboration between storyteller and audience. Let’s use the technology at our fingertips to do so. Subscribe to Fiction Vortex and become an integral part in discovering the new balance in written storytelling—a balance forged by reader and writer together.

Annual Magazine

Fiction Vortex started out as a monthly digital magazine… we gained great authors and readers. We aren’t going to betray what started this whole thing–great short fiction from great authors.

Every year we will publish a FULL COLOR, PRINT and DIGITAL magazine, featuring articles, short fiction, book reviews, and art. Want to submit? Check out our submission guidelines or contact us for more information.

The Cofounders