Savannah Hulen

Savannah Hulen

Author, Game Designer

Savannah is a voracious reader who discovered writing when, as a child, her parents limited her reading time to a mere five hours a day. Their devious plot to expand her hobbies worked brilliantly and she hasn’t stopped creating since then. Her current projects include mothering a tiny human, delving into the process of card-game creation, and writing at least often enough to stay sane. If she isn’t at home, you’ll likely find her at her local coffee house for some much needed caffeine, extrovert fulfilling “other human” contact, and space to explore the vast worlds of her imagination.

  • Books

    A Wrinkle in Time, Ella Enchanted, Traveling Mercies, The Giver

  • Film

    Hook, Chocolat

  • Shows

    Firefly, Leverage, Raising Hope

  • Music

    Lindsey Stirling, Afro Celt, Gungor

  • Games

    Firefly, Lord of the Rings Online, Nerts

  • Character

    Kaylee Frye