Quentin Thayn

Quentin Thayn


Quentin is a small town boy from a farm in Idaho. He currently works as a technician repairing commercial cooking equipment in Boise. Quentin works to support his habit of goofing off with his girls and writing.

  • Books

    The Hobbit, Wheel of Time, The Name of the Wind, No David, Fox in Socks, No David

  • Film

    Inception, Interstellar, Star Wars, Mass Effect trilogy, Marvel films, Sherlock

  • Shows

    Sherlock, The Goldbergs, Community, Doctor Who, Phineas and Ferb, WWII documentaries

  • Music

    Synth, techno, rock, alternative, classical, chillstep, Iris, Keane, Joey Fehrenbach

  • Games

    Mass Effect trilogy, Risk, Starcraft, Skyrim, Halo

  • Character

    Darth Vader