Niels Christensen

Niels Christensen


I‘m a graphic designer/illustrator who is always trying to learn new things. I’m a cool dude and If you want to get to know me it‘s really not that hard. I’m a little weird at first, but I warm up quickly.

  • Books

    Anything that makes me think. I jump from genre to genre a lot and enjoy the variety. I like historical accounts, Military history, Fantasy, Crime/Thriller etc. As long as a book keeps me interested throughout, it can be my favorite until I find a new favorite. The one book that really jumps to mind however is, “The Sea Wolf” by Jack London. That’s because it was the first book I read as a teenager that really got me excited about reading.

  • Film

    Willow, LOTR, Goonies, The Gladiator, The Patriot, Rocky (just the 1st one), The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and many more.

  • Shows

    The Office (American Version), Arrested Development, The Black List, Person of Interest

  • Music

    Anything from Metallica to Mozart. I’m not that picky as long as it shows Talent and isn’t explicit simply for shock value.

  • Games

    Discovering new favorites all the time. Ticket to Ride is a fun one.

  • Character