Michael Cluff

Michael Cluff

Cofounder, Author, Editor

Michael Cluff is an incessant tinkerer and perfectionist who fills his non-writing time with things like editing, board game design, smoking BBQ, and corporate accountability. (Day job. Don’t ask.) A longtime freelancer and literary magazine editor, Michael is a sucker for classics, fantasy, and light science fiction, but has been on a big YA kick for the last few years. That doesn’t mean he is on the YA bandwagon, though that could be argued.

  • Books

    Red Rising, Watership Down, Tarzan of the Apes, The Far Side

  • Film

    Willow, Interstellar, Sherlock Holmes, The Ghost and The Darkness

  • Shows

    Doctor Who, Daredevil, Inspector Lewis, Wallander

  • Music

    Cinematic, Alternative Bluegrass, Dubstep, Classical

  • Games

    Oh the Humanity, Rummy, The Farming Game

  • Character