Lee A. Chrimes

Lee A. Chrimes


Lee has been working on the world of Natasha Tyreen for almost twenty years, with the character growing out of role playing game sessions back at secondary school in the mid 1990s. From there, the series developed into two sets of screenplay serials before a fresh reboot resulted in the sample chapter you’re about to read. Lee runs an online community for aspiring writers at www.mzp-tv.co.uk, covering everything from prose to scripts to web series, with community members going on to work in British, American and Canadian television alongside self-published authors.

  • Books

    Girlfriend in a Coma, Abarat, Neuromancer, Dead Witch Walking

  • Film

    Aliens, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Fight Club

  • Shows

    Doctor Who, Alias, Firefly, Game of Thrones

  • Music

    Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Rush, God is An Astronaut

  • Games

    Uncharted, Final Fantasy VIII, Monkey Island, Wonderboy III

  • Character

    The Doctor