Kasey Boles

Kasey Boles

Organizational Development Specialist/ Lead Editor

With her forge located in the mystical Treasure Valley in the forgotten realm of Idaho, Kasey Boles practices word-smithing, using her Undying Flame of Purification, her Anvil of Amelioration, and her three hammers--Analysis, Scrutiny, and Intelligence--to beat out, heat out, and delete out any imperfections found within the written works of her patrons. Never one to allow potential greatness to slip by the wayside, Kasey also uses her various other tools--The Grinding Wheel of Clarification, The Whetstone of Incisiveness, Buffing Beeswax of Brilliance, to only name a few--to bring out the shine and magnificence of any project brought to her, whether it be more functional documents, such as contractual agreements of land purchases, or more exciting manuscripts of fantastical accounts of fiction. Kasey’s years of study, practice, and working as a Wordsmith augmented and refined her already keen eye and deft hands, making hers a work of passion and confidence.

  • Books

    Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, everything by Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis & Francis A. Schaeffer

  • Film

    The Goonies

  • Shows

    Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, Chuck, My Name is Earl, Suits, Longmire

  • Music

    Sigur Ros, The Autumns, Mark Kozelek, The Postal Service, Dntel, Huey Lewis – Indie, Experimental, Electronic & 90s Alternative/Grunge

  • Games


  • Character

    Charlie Brown