Jessica Lorenne

Jessica Lorenne


Jessica started writing at the age of twelve after she saw The Lord of The Rings and has been tripping through the labyrinth of her imagination ever since. She mostly enjoys writing fantasy action with a twist of romance thrown in the mix. But her favorite part of the adventure is building a connection between readers and her characters and then blissfully torturing both. Her influences include Tolkien, Garth Nix, and the good writing of any anime that has forced her icy heart to feel.

  • Books

    Crown Duel, Sabriel, The Goose Girl

  • Film

    Return of the King, Princess Mononoke, Dragon Heart, Valerian

  • Shows

    Fate/, Fairy Tail, Kobato, Touken Ranbu, Firefly, Merlin

  • Music

    Cinematic, Wagaki Band, Kalafina, Gackt

  • Games

    Fate/, Guild Wars 2, Diablo

  • Character