J. M. Koczwara


J. M. Koczwara is an archaeologist from New Jersey (terrible, deal with it) who works as a barista when old things are out of season. She is a regular member of the Princeton Writers Group and an organizer of Write Space at the Princeton Public Library. With a degree in anthropology and sociology, writing is as much an exercise in creativity as it is an excuse to research history and culture. She has studied everything from indigenous animism to western monotheism and written several papers on the subject of mythology, society, and literature.

Using her knowledge of folklore and history, she now writes the series A Dead Sun Rises for the Ash Falls StoryVerse. While she writes mostly fantasy and science fiction, her ideal job would be in the setting of a horror story in the basement of a building that is likely haunted, studying the bones of people that may have died from the plague (or syphilis, at least no one has to lick them to check if it’s bone). Still, ghosts seem a much less dangerous hazard than bears.

  • Books

    Fortress in the Eye of Time, Gardens of the Moon, The Silmarillion

  • Film

    Ip Man, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Red Cliff

  • Shows

    The Great Doctor, X-Files, Arang and the Magistrate

  • Music

    Ancient/Traditional, Cinematic scores, Opera

  • Games

    Mass Effect, Dynasty Warriors, Mount & Blade

  • Characters

    Tristan, Whiskeyjack, Finrod Felagund (see: Books)